Materials for LMM technology

The LMM technology basically enables a wide range of processable materials. Since the essential component properties are adjusted during the final sintering process, both weldable and non-weldable materials can be processed with LMM technology.

The resulting material properties can be compared with the quantitative values known from classical material manufacturing processes.
Currently, the materials 316 L (1.4404) and titanium grade V (in the qualification process) can be used for LMM technology.

Further materials are in the qualification process and will soon be available for your application.
If you are interested in processing special materials, please do not hesitate to contact us. We attach great importance to individual customer care and advice. MetShape supports you in the selection of the suitable material which best meets the special requirements of your application.

Gegenüberstellung der Festigkeitskennwerte von 316L