The advantages

Advantages of LMM components:

  • very wide possible material spectrum (also materials which cannot be produced by welding, e.g. cermented carbides)
  • no thermal stresses, as LMM does not include a welding process
  • Highest precision and resolution
  • Problem-free production of component overhangs
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • No support structures required for the printing process
  • Cost reduction through optimal three-dimensional use of installation space

Technological advantages of the LMM process for you as a technology customer:

  • Free three-dimensional arrangement of the components in the installation space allows optimum use of the building platform
  • Processing of non-weldable materials possible (e.g. hard metals)
  • Realization of Multi-Material Compounds (MMC)
  • no health hazard due to metal powder bound in feedstock